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Many teachers require fake doctors note when students are absent from school. Similarly, some employers also ask employees to bring in a doctor's note for an absence from work. When asking your doctor for a fake slip explaining why you missed school or work, be sure to have the doctor include the typical information most often requested so the excuse will be accepted at school or work.

Most medical offices have template sample forms on file. If not, there are plenty of templates online that you can show the dr or office manager as an example of the type needed for your absence. Samples are free, so there should be no problem getting one of these scam forms to download and show the doctor.

You can find an example of medical excuses for chronic illnesses like diabetes when a flare-up of symptoms occur. There are also  for phoney note pertaining to absences due to scheduled tests, hospitalization, surgery, or rehab. Sometimes a patient has to be home resting as part of a recovery process. Templates covering these situations and more can help a doctor write the best possible note for a patient who needs to be off work for a while due to a medical reason.
When obtaining a note from the doctor, be sure to have his or her office keep a copy on file. You should also keep a copy in your personal file at home in case the original gets lost or must be circulated to more than one person. The note should typically include the doctor's full name and title, the patient's name and contact information, the diagnosis with a date, as well as the reason for absenteeism, whether it is one day or several months. Always remember that a doctor excuse form can be subjected to punishment by the law if it's proven to be illegal. For confidentiality reasons, the doctor doesn't have to include many details, but the basic facts should give a valid reason to miss work or school. A fraud doctors note tends to be informal, but it can be very important.

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